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Patient cases

Zoia Medvedeva

Cancer Treatment
Country: Russia

Zoia Medvedeva

Tatyana and her mother Zoia arrived at Anadolu Medical Center in March, 2014. Tatyana Zakharova, daughter of Zoia Medvedeva tells their story that started when her mother was diagnosed with cancer in Russia and give us the details of her multidisciplinary treatment process;

“We got to know about AMC representative office in Ekaterinburg and AMC clinic in Istanbul from our mammologist Dr. Inna Pushina at Health 365 hospital in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The AMC representative office in Ekaterinburg made all the arrangements for our first visit to the hospital in Turkey on March 24, 2014. The same day we were consulted by Assoc.Prof. of Gynecology, Dr. Fatih Gucer. He told us that he was going to perform a major surgery together with a professor of plastic surgery, Dr. Haluk Duman. My mother was operated on April 7. The surgery lasted for 6 hours and a half and went well. Our second visit to AMC was on July 14. We came for radiation therapy at Prof.Dr. Kayihan Engin’s Department of Radiation Oncology. The treatment took us about 6 weeks. There were some side effects of treatment of course but the most important thing is that we could immediately get high-quality medical assistance that we could not experience in our home country in Ekaterinburg and we were glad to have treatment abroad. I would like to particularly note the excellent work of Elisa Mamaeva and her colleagues. WE ARE VERY GREATEFUL TO ALL OF YOU!!! I often think about Anton Kazarin (representative in Ekaterinburg) and wish him and his family all the best.”


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