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Patient cases

Yasir Ati Hanash

Cardiovascular Surgery
Country: Iraq

Yasir Ati Hanash

58 year old Yasir Ati Hanash is from Iraq and a resident of Baghdad. He smoked 40 cigarettes a day for 40 years. In 2008 Yasir Ati had a heart attack. He needed surgery however poor technologic infrastructure and outdated devices meant that he could not be operated in Baghdad. He was only able to get medication treatment.

Hearing about Anadolu Medical Centre

Recent angiography results indicated deterioration in Yasir Ati’s condition so he submitted hi medical file to the Iraqi Ministry of Health. He was ecstatic to hear what the Ministry had to say. He would travel to Istanbul for a heart operation at Anadolu Medical Centre
Hanash knew about Anadolu Medical Centre and the international standard healthcare services in Turkey from his doctor in Baghdad. This is why he felt no worry about coming to Turkey. “I got on the plane without any concerns. I knew I would come back home in good health,” says Hanash reflecting on his feeling back then.
Hanash was admitted to Anadolu Medical Centre on July 16th and underwent by-pass surgery on July 18th by Professor Sertaç Çiçek, M.D. Hanesh regained his health following a successful operation. He is much better now.

Professional and meticulous

Yasir Ati Hanash speaks of his experience at Anadolu Medical Centre:

There was no communication barrier between us and Professor Sertaç Çiçek. We shared all our worries with him and he put in a lot effort to answer our questions. This gave us tremendous relief. We knew then we were at the right place. The entire medical team was very kind and helpful. I was struck by the professional and meticulous attitude adopted by all hospital staff. More so there was no communication barrier so I never felt alienated. Translators were with us throughout the stay. This gave me a chance to reconfirm how similar so many things are in Turkey and Iraq.

Returning home in good health following his discharge Yasir Ati Hanash said he wanted to come back to Turkey as a tourist to visit Istanbul.


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