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Patient cases

Safiya Bekmurzina

Cardiovascular Surgery
Country: Kazakhstan

Safiya Bekmurzina

Safiya’s story began on October 2, 2014, when her family found out that their daughter had cardiac malformation. At that moment, she was 2 months and 7 days old. Her family doctor informed them that her condition needed immediate surgical intervention . Safiya’s mother, Janna continues;

In 3 days we were in Cardio-Surgical Center of Astana city. But we were informed that this malformation is very rare and that our daughter couldn’t be operated in Kazakhstan. My baby couldn’t live without oxygen for that moment, she had an awful dyspnea and temperature because of cold. How long she would live, nobody could say. As a mother I couldn’t sit without doing anything and I began to send our anlyses and examination results to different countries: Russia (Moscow), Germany, Korea, Turkey. About Anadolu Medical Center , we learnt from my aunt from Almaty, who is also a doctor. Then we connected with Assel Seraziyeva, who told us that my child can be operated in Your clinic, that even with our diagnosis our chances for success are 90%. For me it was like a fairy tale. Our diagnosis was deficiency of common truncus of 4th type. In all around the world, there are not so many children with such diagnosis, our case is very rare. The operation is very difficult. At that moment, taking our daughter to Turkey was a very big problem . She had a high temperature and we used oxygen balloon. We couldn’t order air medical service in Kazkhstan because it is simply absent there. We found help at Anadolu Medical Center. Gulnara Ababey organized air medical service, and they took us from Astana and brought to Istanbul, Turkey. After 6 hours of flight, we landed in Istanbul. Immediatly, we were transfered to Anadolu Medical Center and my daughter was admitted to the intensive-care unit. All analyses were carried out. My daughter had an infection, which she got in Astana’s hospital through a catheter.
In Your clinic, a wonderful person and a Doctor with a God-given talent is working. It is Prof. Sertaç Çiçek. He explained us everything in details. We were told that our child can be operated. But conduit is necessary and first infection must be removed from the organism and later my child can be operated. Before operation on October 16 conduit was ordered specially for my daughter , it was made from human protein. On October 17, Prof. Sertaç Çiçek operated our baby, the operation lasted for 6 hours and it was very successful. Now, we needed only to wait for the time in reanimation. But we were allowed to see our daughter there.
We want to thank all medical staff, who every day is fighting for her life. And first of all we want to express our gratitude to Prof. Sertaç Çiçek. For me this person is the first after God. It is not possible to express my gratitude in words. Our doctor was always very quiet and sure. I knew that our daughter was in trusted hands. We also want to thank to all his team, the doctor of intensive-care medicine, and all nurses. Now my daughter is much more better.I hope so much she will grow as a healthy and happy child. Every day, I got information about everything, how my daughter slept, ate, which procedures had, which medications took. I want to say thank to our Doctor for morning visits, for care of nurses during 24 hours. I am grateful to managers and interpreters for their immediatly help: Ayna Çoban, Melike, Olga, Eliza, Gulanara Ababey and to our Assel Sergaziyeva.
The work of Anadolu Medical Center is on a higher level. Managers of International Patient Service work are very good, answer quickly to all of our questions, solve all types of problems.There is no language barrier , because interpreters work very well.
I want again to express my gratitude to all people, who took part in this difficult process from the 1st day: to Professor Sertaç Çiçek and his team, all nurses, managers of International Patient Services. I wish You prosperity and success.


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