Patient cases

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Patient cases

Rana Mammadova

Country: Azerbaijan

Rana Mammadova

Dr. Rana Mammadova visited Anadolu Medical Center for a check-up program, and it was the time when her breast problem was detected. Per Prof. Metin Çakmakçı’s recommendation, her condition was followed up till the next visit, and the surgery was scheduled to address the problem. As being a part of Anadolu Group network of employees, Dr. Mammadova expresses her gratitude to her physician and the hospital;

“I wanted to have my check-up done at Anadolu Medical Center since I was a part of Anadolu Group in Azerbaijan, and also the reason that the hospital’s prestige is very high. I was very pleased with all the processes starting of my entrance to the hospital till I return. Every step is well organized and I can obtain detailed information upon my request. I would like to thank you and your professional team leading by Prof. Metin Cakmakci  for their great support during my surgery  at AMC.  I am sure that AMC team’s positive attitude is a big drive to achieve good results. It is proud of me to be a part of Anadolu Group. “

Dr. Mammadova visits Anadolu Medical Center for control appointments.


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