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Patient cases

Murat Bagirokov

Cancer Treatment
Country: Russia

Murat Bagirokov

Murat Bagirokov  and Tamara Bagirokova is a married couple from Adygea (Russian Federation). Their story started when Mr. Bagirokov was diagnosed with cancer in . The couple was devastated by the news. Many of their friends and acquaintances adviced them about where they can go for the treatment. Mrs. Bagirokova continues;

We connected with Representative Office of Anadolu Medical Center in Krasnodar in early 2014. Managers Victoria in Krasnodar  and Eliza Mamayeva in Istanbul  helped to organize everything. They consulted us and encouraged, but ofcourse we were scared, because it is another country, foreign people. But from the moment of arrival to Turkey we didn’t feel any discomfort. At Anadolu Medical Center, a charming young lady interpreter Melike met us. From that minute till the end of our visit at your Hospital she accompanied us. We feeled like at home here.  We are grateful to all doctors for a sensitive attitude to us. We want to notice Doctor Yeşim Yıldırım, Doctor Kutlay Karaman and Professor Doctor Melih Özel, they gave encouragement to us, that everything will be good. We are very happy that we chose Your Clinic!

Murat Bagirokov  will visit Anadolu soon for the next phase of his treatment.


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