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Patient cases

Milena Chameva

Laparoscopic Surgery
Country: Bulgaria

Milena Chameva

I would chose Anadolu Medical Center even for simple cases

Milena Chameva had a rapidly-growing ovarian cyst which was stated to be medically untreatable. Doctors at Anadolu Medical Center, however, recuperated her through laparoscopic surgery.

Bulgarian Milena Chameva is a 38 years old mother. She had been diagnosed to have an advanced ovarian cyst 16 years ago. While she was working as a cabin stewardess in Cyprus, she suddenly fell ill and was emergently operated there. After the operation she was informed that the cyst was resected. Reexamined by a Bulgarian gynecologist, immediately after she returned to her country, Milena learned that her left ovary was also removed concurrently with the resection of the cyst.
But her complains and pain did not cease and the young mother was reexamined by a gynecologist. It was detected that cysts recurred both in her right ovary and at the site of her removed left ovary. She was recommended a second operation. The cyst in her right ovary was completely removed whereas only half of the other cyst was resected because of high risk. The residual cyst was bounded to prevent its development. Even though, it grew up rapidly, her gynecologist stated that the cyst presented high surgical risk and was medically untreatable.
Despite this assessment of her gynecologist, Milena didn’t lose her hope, and she applied Anadolu Medical Center as a last resort. The Representative of Anadolu Medical Center in Bulgaria referred Milena to Associate Professor Fatih Gucer, MD, Specialist of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Anadolu Medical Center. Milena reveals her feelings about her experiences:

I was feeling desperate before I came here. Although, I was told that no treatment option remained, the gynecologist Fatih Gucer assured me that he would do his best to resect the cyst. I had a third operation on July 20th, 2011. It was a very critical and high-risk operation, but I was hospitalized only for one day following the operation and I suffered no postoperative pain. I felt myself very much better compared to the previous operations.

Milena states she is thankful to all medical staff, from the physicians to nurses, who worked meticulously for her:

I would come here for her every complaint if I could. I recommend everyone to apply Anadolu Medical Center without hesitation. They should not lose their hope even in hardest cases before they apply here. I will also bring my daughter here soon. This shows my great gladness and my endless confidence about the physicians in that hospital.

Associate Professor Fatih Gucer, MD, Specialist of Gynecology and Obstetrics gave information about Milena’s case:

The patient suffered a recurrent ovarian cyst and previously had inefficient operations. She was tired and discouraged. We suggested her laparoscopic surgery. In fact, laparoscopy was a challenging approach since she underwent two previous operations. However, it was the most comfortable method for the patient and we had the necessary experience. We had discharged her on the next day of the operation, and she had no complications. Our greatest advantage was the experience and know-how we had in operating such complicated gynecological patients. Therefore, patients should be keen on selecting their gynecologist and hospital.


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