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Patient cases

Merce Sendra

Cardiovascular Surgery
Country: Spain

Merce Sendra

36 year old Merce Sendra, mother of 2 children and kindergarden teacher from Spain, had a congenital Ebstein anomaly in her heart (a type of heart valve malfunction). This disease is seen in one every 200.000 people in the world. She previously had two surgeries in her country, but could not get better. Her complaints got worse in the past 3-4 years. She was devastated when she was informed that a heart transplant was the only solution. Her physician recommended her to come to Turkey for treatment. After deciding on having her treatment abroad, she  arrived in Istanbul with her mother and sister.

Merce had a cardiovascular surgery performed by Prof. Sertaç Çiçek, chief of Cardiovascular Surgery Department at Anadolu Medical Center and discharged in 6 days. Prof. Çiçek tells us the details of Merce’s case;

We made a heart valve from the patient’s own tissues that her body would not reject. The development of her valve in between the lower and upper chambers of the right side of heart was malfunctioning. We call this Ebstein anomaly in medicine. In order to fix the valve, you must have a suitable valve tissue. However, since this patient had a congenital defective valve tissue, the repair was extremely difficult. Her heart was also overgrown. In these patient cases, the valve replacement also provides positive outcomes. The important point is to repair the valve. She had a very successful valve repair surgery at our center. During the surgery, we also reduced and reshaped the right side of her heart. After the surgery, her heart regained its full normal functioning. 6 days after the surgery, she got discharged and returned to her country

Merce expresses her gratitude and excitement about beginning a new life;

I owe a lot to Prof. Sertaç Çiçek and cannot thank him enough. Turkey became my real country. There have been doctors who told me that there was no cure for me and even recommended a heart transplant. Before I came here, I was hopeless and lost my joy of life. Now, I cannot believe that my I regained my health..


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