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Patient cases

Martin Angelov

Country: Bulgaria

Martin Angelov

Parents of our patient, Martin Angelov from Bularia, tell us their journey of their son’s treatment and share their happiness of his son regaining his health at Anadolu Medical Center;

“Two months ago, our family went through an event that no one could ever be ready for and pray not to ever encounter.

After an eye examination that was done for our son, we were informed that he had peripheric vision loss on his right eye. We then had to receive a consultation from a neurology specialist. At the same time, a scan was performed and a tumor was identified in our son’s brain. An MRI scanning was also needed, however in our country this requires a long wait time. One of our friends recommended us to apply to Anadolu Medical Center as the best option for our son’s case.

As soon as we arrived at the hospital, we were treated with all the staff with a nice and professional manner. We also appreciate Mustafa Mehmedov’s speedy response on our examination and other arrangements. After the MRI was taken, we met with Prof. Ahmet Hilmi Kaya. He informed us that the tumor as benign and has to be removed with surgery. His professional manner and the way he explained the procedure made us think that we were at the right place. He assured us about wellbeing of our son, and that he was in good hands. The surgery went really well, and we want to thank all the medical and patient coordinator staff involved in our son’s surgery. Our special thanks is surely for Prof. Ahmet Hilmi Kaya, he is a very special person and a true professional. We can hug our son now because of the whole team’s efforts. Everyone working here has been really positive and reassuring.

Stanimira ve Miroslav Angelov”


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