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Patient cases

Mahafov Sahin

Lung Cancer
Country: Azerbaijan

Mahafov Sahin

Mahafov Sahin’s disease, who came to ANADOLU MEDICAL CENTER from Baku, has started with complaints of cough. Sahin has gone to many doctors in Azerbaijan then he couldn’t find any solutions, so he decided to come to ANADOLU MEDICAL CENTER with his friends advise, after the cancer diagnosis.

All of Mahafov Sahin’s organizations were planned by the International Services Department and he came to ACM for treatment, then after the investigations the doctors determined a cancer cell in his right lung. After the diagnosis, Chest Disease specialist Doc.Dr. Altan Kir, destroyed the cancer cell in his right lung with the surgery. Mahafov sahin had some Chemotherapy sessions after the surgery.
Sahin says that he is very happy to be healthy again and continues;

I was nearly hopeless before I came to ANADOLU MEDICAL CENTER. I took back my happiness with the care and the treatment that I had here. I’m glad to be here, it was a pleasure. Thank you to the ANADOLU MEDICAL CENTER doctors for making me healthy again.


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