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Patient cases

Khalid Jajim

Cardiovascular Surgery
Country: Iraq

Khalid Jajim

45-year-old Khalid Jajim is a retired police officer. He lives in Baghdad. Being in the police force in strenuous living conditions has paid a toll on his heart. 4 years ago Khalid Jajim was hospitalised for a wound in his hand. Tests conducted back then identified atherosclerosis in his heart. He was started on medication treatment immediately.

Healthcare services in Baghdad were inadequate for by-pass surgery. However, sometime later medication treatment became ineffective. This put a lot of strain on Khalid Jajim’s heart. Jajim now regrets keeping on smoking regardless of his heart condition.
Hearing about Anadolu Medical Centre
In time Jajim’s condition worsened so his family submitted his medical reports to the Iraqi Ministry of Health. After a long wait they received good news: Jajim would be sent to Turkey for surgery. Jajim said:
“One of my friends was operated in Turkey and came back to Iraq in good health. He had already told me how superb Turkish healthcare services were. This is why I had no worries coming here.”
Jajim was admitted to Anadolu Medical Centre on July 19th and underwent by-pass surgery on July 24th by Professor Sertaç Çiçek, M.D. Jajim regained his health following a successful operation and was discharged from hospital 10 days later to return to his home country.

It’s like being born again

Jajim speaks of his experience at Anadolu Medical Centre:

I owe my recovery to Professor Sertaç Çiçek. I feel really luck to have been his patient. I am now able to return to my normal routine. It’s like being born again. I want to extend my thanks to the nurses and translators too. They kept me company throughout the process. It’s hard to contemplate the existence of such a hospital. There is no much care and attention. You can be sure I’ll be recommending Anadolu Medical Centre on my return to Iraq.


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