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Patient cases

John Freeman

Cardiovascular Surgery
Country: USA

John Freeman

John Freeman is from Rino/Nevada, United States. He had a small heart attack in his country and was treated in the emergency room for this small heart attack, and that’s when he realized that he needed valve repair surgery, but did not have the actual treatment in his country. One of his friends sent him a website link to a CNN article on medical tourism, and made him to search the web for overseas heart operation and found a facilitator website. He tells us about his journey;

“Within hours after filling out the required forms, I was called by this facilitator company. I was offered 3 options, one physician in Mexico, one in India and one in Turkey to have my treatment abroad. I decided to go to Istanbul for my treatment. I had my open heart valve repair surgery at Anadolu Medical Center. It was a great team work with Prof. Sertaç Çiçek. All the pre-op tests were carried out by an expert team of tecnician and physicians. Prof. Çiçek was always there for me, communicated well and everything was looked at very thoroughly and professionally. I feel like I have a level of quality that I would not have in my city. The nursing staff is also more organized and coherent.”

Prof. Çiçek talks about John’s condition as below;

“Mr. Freeman had a heart condition called mitral insufficiency or leaking mitral valve causing shortness of breath and pulpatations. He also had the hystory of coronary artery disease. Mr. Freeman underwent couple operations actually. First, we repaired his mitral valve, leaking valve. We also did coronary artery bypass graft to his left anterior descending artery which was diagnosed before the operation during catheterization. Furthermore, we did a maze procedure which we corrected his irregular heartbeat. The operations went very well and the results were very successful. He did very well and was amazing. One day after the surgery, he was out of the intensive care unit and started walking around. With globalization, the borders are off now and we are living in a huge world without borders. I can easily state that the quality of cardiac surgery at Anadolu Medical Center is at least as good as it is in United States.”

After the initial surgeries, John Freeman has come to Anadolu Medical Center for yearly follow-up visits and all the heart-related diagnostics came out very well, enabling him to live a heart disease-free life.


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