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Patient cases

Innocent Gakwaya

Country: Ruwanda

Innocent Gakwaya

Mr. Gakwaya, 72 years old from Ruwanda, is a business man in construction industry. He had been experiencing severe constipation and abdominal pain in his country. He was very concerned about his condition and consulted many different physicians.

The diagnosis was polyp formation in the bowel, and the physician in Ruwanda stated that they do not have the required technical infrastructure to treat his disease, and recommended him to seek treatment abroad. He continues;
“I started searching the best hospitals abroad. I came up with Anadolu Medical Center with its great credentials and arrived here shortly. Required investigations have been performed. My high blood pressure has been taken under control. Physicians identified two tumors in my body; one in my abdomen and one in my neck below my left ear. I have been taken to the surgery immediately. Thankfully, both tumors were benign. I can define my journey as ”the miracle that 4.800 km away from my country”

Our physicians in charge of our patient’s case tell his clinical process;
ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Specialist Prof. Sertaç Yetişer, “Mr. Gakwaya had a risk of facial nerve paralysis due to the fact that a facial nerve passed under the area where the neck swelling existed. We took him under surgery immediately and excised a tumor of 4 cm in dimension. Patient is doing well and will return to his country soon. “General Surgery Specialist at Anadolu Medical Center, Prof. Metin Çakmakçı tells us that he and his team excised the tumor on his left side of the abdomen. The pathology result performed on the biopsy has came out and thankfully the tumor is benign.


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