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Patient cases

Ildar from Kazan

Country: Russia

Ildar from Kazan

İldar from Kazan/Russia had initial diagnostic investigations in his country for his condition and wanted to get a medical second opinion and treatment abroad. He was referred to Anadolu Medical Center through his friends when he was searching for a hospital. İldar received a succesful treatment at the Neurosurgery Department, below is his summary of his experience from the beginning;

We learned about your medical center from our friends from Baku and contacted representatives, who in turn redirected us to the representative office in our city.
In Anadolu Medical Center, İstanbul, we underwent an MRI examination, took some blood test, and consulted the neurosurgeon (AHMET HILMI KAYA). According to the results, it was confirmed that detected tumor has a primary nature. As a result, we were offered surgical treatment to remove the tumor, which was done by Dr. AHMET HILMI KAYA. Everything went well and we are very grateful to all !!!
We were very impressed by the humanity of the people, their kindness, their smiles and empathy. This applies to all: doctors, nurses, girls from the International Department, and representatives of Anadolu. As well as the professionalism of everyone.

İldar continues observations in his city and provides his surgeon with the updates.


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