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Patient cases

George Atanasov

Cancer Treatment
Country: Bulgaria

George Atanasov

The things that I faced with taught me to survive.

The first patient that came from Bulgaria to ANADOLU MEDICAL CENTER, George Atanasov has a tragic disease story. He has an illness that just shown in two families in Bulgaria.

George Atansov lost his brother at a young age, also his grandfather and father as well.Because of this he marked that he always lived with this fear. The first diagnose was in 2000 in Bulgaria and however he had surgeries for a period of two years, there was not enough changes in his life quality. Then Atanasoy’s struggle to survive has began by a suggestion for ANADOLU MEDICAL CENTER from his collegue. After the first surgery in 2005 CyberKnife treatment has started. Atansoy says he keeps living his life happy and continues;

“I impressed the technology and the kindness in ANADOLU MEDICAL CENTER. The things that I faced here remind me I need to keep trying for life.”

Atansoy says, he knows his illness now and he continues his life with the informations that he had. He can do sports, can work and explains he has a good life. The only fear that he has now is; the possibility, however there is no risk, to be cought into this illness by her doughter.


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