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Patient cases

Burbuce Eyubi

Country: Kosovo

Burbuce Eyubi

Born in 1972 Burbuçe Eyubi is a housewife from Kosovo. She lives with her husband and four children in the town of Lipyan in Kosovo.

Born in 1972 Burbuçe Eyubi is a housewife from Kosovo. She lives with her husband and four children in the town of Lipyan in Kosovo. Burbuçe Eyubi had been suffering from headaches that started 20 years ago in her adolescence. After a sudden fainting incident when she was only 16, she began to experience severe headaches that persisted increasingly until today. Eyubi says she and her father had sought medical attention from many specialists and hospitals but couldn’t get an accurate diagnosis. The medication treatment had no effect. Her condition worsened with more encounters of fainting and severe headaches. Upon recommendation of a relative, the Eyubi family applied to a hospital in Albania. Burbuçe Eyubi was told she had a brain tumour which needed urgent removal. However reflecting back, the family could not trust the hospital and returned home without treatment.

Meeting with Anadolu Medical Center

Returning home to Kosovo, the Eyubi family searched on the internet for medical center and specialists in brain surgery. They contacted Johns Hopkins Medicine and were very surprised for the reply they received. Johns Hopkins Medicine said there was no need to travel to USA since they had an affiliate institution in Turkey called Anadolu Medical Center. The treatment was offered there.

We lost no time to look into Anadolu Medical Center and their Brain and Neurosurgeon Professor Tuncer Suzer, MD. We were very impressed with what we saw and decided to come to Istanbul immediately, says Burbuçe Eyubi.

At Anadolu Medical Center Burbuçe Eyubi was operated by Brain and Neurosurgery Professor Tuncer Suzer. Biopsy was performed using the neuronavigation method and samples were sent to pathology. The best treatment was selected in accordance with pathology results.
Burbuçe Eyubi speaks of her experience at Anadolu Medical Center in these words:

Anadolu Medical Center was able to tell me my problem. I had suffered for ages without any clear diagnosis. We can now speak of a treatment. I am so happy. I thank everyone here at Anadolu Medical Center, especially my surgeon. Thanks to our translator we had no communication problem. All the procedures were impeccable and happened on time. This is such a great hospital.


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