Patient cases

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Patient cases

Assel Tazhibaeva

Country: Kazakhstan

Assel Tazhibaeva

Assel Tazhibaeva’s treatment journey started when she was diagnosed with cancer in her country. She initially learned about Anadolu Medical Center from a friend who works at the center and decided to receive treatment abroad. She tells us her experience and impressions as below:

 “The main factors that influenced my choice of Anadolu Medical Center was not just my friend working there, but mostly the experience of doctors in the way they treat patients with cancer, and also their integration into the professional community, adherence to international standards and protocols in patient treatments. Almost all of the doctors (Prof. Fatih Ağalar, Prof. Serdar Turhal, Prof. Kayıhan Engin) who treated me speak fluent English. You have to experience for yourself in outpatient inpatient services, and I can say that I have not seen such a management that the patient would feel so comfortable, and get the highest level of professional medical services. Most importantly do not forget about Anadolu Medical Center is that you are essentially treated as a person first, not a patient.


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