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Anastasia Goginashvili

Country: Georgia

Anastasia Goginashvili

Anastasia Goginashvili

Anastasia was referred to Anadolu Medical Center from MONK ANDEW’S FOUNDATION. In Georgia, tumor was discovered, which pressed to organs, and resulted in right eye exophtalm (bulging eye). Mother of Anastasia was in perplexity when the diagnosis was confirmed, but then, through the fund, she knew about our medical center and decided to receive treatment here.  At first, the surgery was planned to be made by two leading specialists of Anadolu Medical Center – otolaryngologist, Professor Mustafa Kazkayasi, and  neurosurgeon, Professor Ahmet Hilmi Kaya, but in the course of diagnostics it was discovered that one more complex procedure – embolisation – was required, which was carried out by MD Murat Dokdok. Embolisation was necessary in order to prevent bleeding – side effects in the course of and following the surgery, because subcutaneous tumor  of right cheek  was rather deep, so that with increase, it pressed the right eye, covered and pressed the nasal passage, as a result Nastya could not breath normally. The surgery was very successful, now she feels good, and complete recovery was achieved by our specialists.

Mother of Anastasia, Ekaterina Goginashvili, agreed to tell us about the history of treatment of Nastenka.

Ekaterina, how did you find out about your daughter’s disease? Did anything bother Nastya? 

It all started with the fact that it became difficult to breath for Nastya, and it was visually marked that the area under the right eye became a little swollen. We passed examination in Georgia and it was determined that she has tumor, some formation in maxillary sinus. The formation was large enough and Georgian physicians recommended us to be referred to foreign hospitals, having wider experience in such surgeries. I sent requests to different countries and hospitals, and when I got the answers, I assessed all variants and decided to choose Anadolu hospital. And now I understand that it was the best choice.

Please, tell us to which countries you sent requests, and why did you choose Turkey?  

I sent requests to various hospitals in Turkey, Germany, Slovenia, and it is important to note that Children’s Fund, which operates in Georgia and helps children with oncological diseases,  helped me with my decision very much. This foundation, Monk Andrew, cooperates with the hospital and already referred some children for treatment; and now not only we, but other children referred  by this fund are treated here too.  Just upon the recommendation of the fund, I made a decision in favor of this hospital.

Upon arrival, we met the physicians – neurosurgeon Professor Ahmet Hilmi Kaya and otolaryngologist Professor Mustafa Kazkayasi, who recommended us to visit the radiologist, Mr. Murat Dokdok, MD. They told me about all possible risks, which could be related to the surgery, and explained, that surgical intervention is the only way to handle the situation.

Did Nastya have any complaints prior to arrival here? Maybe dizziness or headache?

No, the only complaint was that she could not breath through the right nasal passage, and visually we saw that her right eye is bulging, as it turned out, it was due to the fact that the tumor pressed the eyeball  from inside.

When did you start to seek medical advice in your country?

In March 2015, we visited  the eye specialist, who said that the problem is not in the eye. Then we visited neuropathologist, who sent us to take an MRI, as a result, this tumor was revealed. But the most important thing is that our physicians honestly said, that such surgeries have not been carried out in our country, especially in children.  That is why I decided not to take risks and started to search for hospitals having wide experience.  

Also it shall be noted that when I was referred to various hospitals, I saw that they had completely different approach. At first, they proposed to perform biopsy, and then conduct the surgery, so, it means that they have to cut or, how to say it correctly, to carry out the procedure with anesthesia twice. But in this hospital, the minimal invasive approach is used, i.e. physicians took biopsy and carried out surgery on a single occasion, and from an aesthetic point of view, there was minimal interference irrespective of all the risks associated with the surgery – there were a lot of adjacent nerves, including the ophtalmic nerve and facial nerve, as well as carotid artery. One of the most difficult things was that the tumor was very close to the internal carotid artery. But fortunately the surgery was successful, she has no damages, and we passed round all the risks.

Did you see the visual difference after the surgery, for example did her face become to look better?

Prior to the surgery there was right eye exophtalm (bulging eye), and after the surgery our girl became beautiful. We feel extremely joy, happy, but the most important is the fact that our daughter is healthy.  Irrespective of all risks explained to me, now I understand that I was completely sure in professionalism of your physicians, and I’m sorry for my tears, but now this is tears of joy.

Do you have other children? Is it possible, that your family is genetically predisposed to the disease?   

Yes, we have other children, but there were no similar diseases in our family. She has an elder brother, now he is graduating from high school and will enter the university. Nastya attends school, on 5th grade, and does figure skating.

With whom did you arrive in Turkey?

I arrived alone with my daughter, but then two aunts arrived too; they were supporters for the surgery period. Moreover, all personnel with whom we communicated prior to the surgery, and all who knew that Anastasia is in hospital supported us, as well as our relatives at home.  

Have your expectations been realized after the surgery?

Prior to the surgery, we expected that this incision would be larger, up to the lip, but in the course of the surgery the physicians did it so that the incision would be just near the nose.  So this track will disappear in the course of time.

Just yesterday I asked Mr. Mustafa (otolaryngologist, Proffessor Mustafa Kazkayasi), if we shall pass control or some other examinations in future, and he said that in a week we will be able to forget about this surgery.  The result of biopsy was very good – neuroma.

Is it your first visit to Turkey?

For Anastasia – yes, but I was here before, I love Istanbul. Now we are going to go home, but then we will certainly visit Istanbul again with Anastasia.   

Prior to your arrival, did you have any doubts, fears, concerns related to your trip to a foreign country?  

I had no doubts at all, because all the people, relatives, our friends and someone we know, when they heard about our problem, said that Turkish medical services are of high level. We had no doubts about the hospital, because as I already said, the Foundation has been in collaboration with you for some time, and people, who were referred to your hospital by the Foundation and with whom we communicated, have the very positive comments about your hospital.  Of course we had some concerns, because a surgery had to take place, and of course I was afraid and understood that risks listed to us are not groundless, but I had no doubts.

I felt fear, because as I understood that time, and as I know now, the surgery was difficult enough. In general, there were two surgeries – the embolization, which was related to its own risks, and the main surgery with its risks. But I knew exactly, that this is the only way, so we had no alternative. But Anastasia was not afraid, and she was so fearless when she passed all the procedures and scolded me when I cried.   

What is your occupation?  

I work as a food safety consultant, I consult the companies. From my professional point of view, I give a high rating to your canteen. (laughing)

Except for the physicians’ attitude, were you satisfied by services of other personnel, interpreters, etc.?  

As to the interpreters – of course yes, their work was amazing, that I even could not estimate, they accompanied us all the time. As to the rest of personnel, I don’t know exactly, everybody starting from the nurses, medical attendants, etc., I had only positive experience, all the hospital’s personnel, I don’t know how many people you have, exceeded all my expectations.   

Previously I said that all this logistics is well-organized here. For example, not only interpreters, but all visits to physicians, time of visits, all the organizational processes are well organized, which is most important for foreign patients.  

Nastenka, do you have something to tell us – how do you feel, are you happy that all the troubles are over, and what do you want to be when you grow-up? What are you first going to do, when you go back home?

My mother has cried a lot, I am stronger than she is (laughing) and I was not afraid to have the surgery. First of all, when I go back home, I am going to tell everybody about my treatment here, about the service and physicians and nurses who treated me.



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