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Patient cases

Abdennour Hammami

Pediatric Oncology
Country: Algeria

Abdennour Hammami

Abdennour Hammami is 9 years old and lives with his family in Algeria. He has diagnosed with a malign tumor called “Ewing Sarcoma”. After he received chemotherapy in his country, he came to Anadolu Medical Center to have surgery. Abdennour’s father tells us about how they reached out to Anadolu Medical Center;

“My son’s disease started last year in August with a back pain. We visited a few physicians in Algeria. They recommended antibiotic treatment initially, however it did not help. In the following days, an MRI has been taken and the diagnosis was confirmed. Tumor was detected in the chest cavity. Chemotherapy treatment was started, and received 6 sessions in total. We were informed that he needed surgery also. One of our relatives who previously received treatment at Anadolu Medical Center recommended us to go there for our son. He was very satisfied, so we searched information on the internet and decided to apply. I applied a lot of centers in different countries before then but I did not get a solid response. I was impressed by the fast response that I received from Anadolu. I was contacted by International Services after I sent the initial mail.”

Assoc. Prof. Altan Kır, the thoracic surgeon at Anadolu Medical Center’s Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Department, tells us about Abdennour’s medical treatment at our center;

“Our 9 year old pediatric oncology patient from Algeria had a tumor called Ewing Sarcoma which is a type of bone cancer. It affected the 9th and 10th ribs. The tumor was very large, with a size of 14 cm. He came to Anadolu Medical Center for surgery after receiving 6 courses of chemotherapy in his country. The surgery went really well and the pathology result was as we expected. He was discharged in a good condition. He will be followed up in his country and then in 2 months, he will come to our center for a control examination. We follow our patient’s case with our Pediatric Oncology Specialist Prof. Alp Özkan. “


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