Modern medicine proposes the complex approach to the patient’s health, and it is necessary to undergo a health check-up at least once a year. At Anadolu Medical Center, you can undergo complete examination and check your health for all criteria.

Health check-up is not a simple examination don by a physician, as many people could think. It is necessary to undergo proper health check-up, including the analyses, imaging, consultations by highly specialized physicians.

Health check-up programs in Anadolu Medical Center include the following:

  • physical health check-up , subject to the patient’s age, specificity and injuries, diseases, and surgeries;
  • express health check-up, which you can undergo for one day or even a few hours
  • general health check-up based on examination of the main body systems of the patient;
  • individual health check-up with due consideration of inheritance, past medical history, and based on examination of certain organs;

and many others.

Based on the results of examinations, the patient gets the detailed written medical assessment report, including certain recommendations. In some cases, we propose them to undergo examinations by highly specialized physicians.

Purpose of health check-up is to assess the patient’s body, identification of diseases or risks of their development. Regular on-time health check-ups allow prevention of development of serious diseases and forming the correct preventive measures programs.

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